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One Ingredient Banana Ice Cream November 14, 2012

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This makes a delicious soft scoop banana ice cream. No added ingredients so it really can be good for you! Also no ice cream machine needed. It really can’t get any easier!

The small amount of fat in bananas makes a magic trick when they are frozen and blended. They turn creamy instead of crumbly, with a smooth texture anyone can make at home.


To make the ice cream


Peel your bananas.

Slice them into small pieces onto a plate.

Freeze for 1 – 2 hours.

Once frozen put the banana into your food processor and blend, blend then blend some more (this actually only takes about 5 minutes) scraping down the bowl as needed.

That’s it, you’ve done it!

Enjoy 🙂



You can also add a spoonful of Nutella (as I did) blend for 2 minutes for Banana/Chocolate.

Add chopped nuts too if you like.

Add some honey to the banana.

2 banana’s are enough for 2 servings, as above.




What do you think, would you make this?

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