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Prototype Rainbow Cake April 9, 2013

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So I’ve been looking at Rainbow cake’s but don’t have any celebrations coming up to make it worthwhile making one, they are quite big as they have seven layer’s! So I thought I’d try this one. Hmmm it’s ok, a bit dense, but not heavy and still very edible. I think I should call it a Happy Cake though, as when I cut a slice, because of the colours it put a big smile on my Sister’s face 🙂

Basically what I did was prepare a Victoria Sponge cake.

Seperate the sponge mixture (as evenly as possible) into 6 ramekins and added a different food colour to each dish, then mix it in well.

Empty the first ramekin into a greased and lined tin and let it spread a little, then emptied a second ramekin of mixture on top of that, then empty a third ramekin ontop again. Repeat this with the other three ramekins of mixture into a second prepared tin.

Bake for for 25 minutes at gas 4.

It’s covered in a basic buttercream.

I think the cake is a bit dense and didn’t rise very well because of the extra time it takes to seperate and colour the mixture.


One Response to “Prototype Rainbow Cake”

  1. Liz Says:

    I’m glad the cake put a smile on your sisters face. i smiled too!


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